AS/400, iSEries, i5:

Why use AS400 and its applications?

- Simple! Of the 100 (one hundred) largest companies ranked by Fortune magazine, 93% (Ninety-three per cent) use it (AS400);

- We (AS400) at the disposal more than 30 (Thirty) thousand applications for Internet ready.

The AS400 (known as Silverlake) and renamed iSeries and IBM Computer Mini for small and medium business and departmental users, the AS400 and an object-oriented system with integrated database that was designed to implement the Model of Relational Database EFCODD in the Operating System and Hardware. All the software necessary to run this computer and inclusive and integrated, This is basically Micro Code, Operating System and Licensed Programs.

Programming languages.

The programming languages available for this machine (AS400) include RPG, ASSEMBLY, C, JAVA, COBOL, SQL, BASIC, PHP, DELPHI/400 e REXX. Several CASE tools for software engineering are available.

Currently, the system allows an application is composed of various programming languages that once compiled, create objects that are called through the CL/ILE CONTROL LANGUAGE, or even directly by its final name. Calls to this environment ILE, INTEGRATED LANGUAGE ENVIROMENT

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